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World’s Biggest Vuvuzela in Cape Town

As I was saying in the previous post, us South African's like to take things to a whole new level... We showed the world what a vuvuzela was and they heard its deafening sound. Now we all know how much noise a normal sized one makes (and now so do my neighbours) but a little while ago somewhere in some marketing commitee meeting in Cape Town, someone piped up and said, lets make the worlds biggest vuvuzela... and make use of a somewhat useless bridge aswell...

And this is what we have...

Now would you believe it, this giant Vuvuzela which has been built on an unfinished bridge in Green Point, is apparently going to be 'blown' every time a goal is scored 🙂 I think it is at this time that I thank my lucky stars that I'm not one of the unlucky bastards, who live in front of this thing as you can see in this video below where they did a sound test...

EISH! I can't believe...shoo! HAIYBO!

[Thanks Lorna]

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