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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground in San Francisco is BOSS!

Ken Block returned with another high octane, insane performance, ridiculous precision driving with Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground in San Francisco... this is the absolute pure definition of BOSS!

One thing is absolutely certain, you are about to be mindblown!

Yesterday, DC Shoes and Ken Block released another instalment of insanely skilled, high octane performance driving with GYM5. Astonishingly enough, they basically turned the city streets of San Francisco, California into Ken Block's playground, there's really no other way to describe the setting. The footage was shot over four days in May showing Ken Block smash his way through the gears of his highly modified Ford Fiesta which delivers the power of 650 enraged stallions at extreme pace through the empty streets of San Fran with mind blowing precision.Even DC Team Mate and naturally long time friend of Ken's, Travis Pastrana makes an appearance

They say your average farm pig enjoys an orgasm for 30 minutes... well boys, prepare to a know what 10 minutes feels like because OMG!

Check this shit out!

Now that's some frickin skillz!

Check out the previous instalment, Gymkhana Four which will also leave you in total disbelief!

My Honda Civic Type R a.k.a, The Black Mamba, has an appointment to get supercharged along with a few other mods next week.... hmmmm 🙂

[Thanks Marc]

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