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All Blacks Rugby Legend, Jonah Lomu Passes Away

Former New Zealand All Black and Rugby legend, Jonah Lomu has passed away at his home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jonah Tali Lomu, well known to South Africans for his incredible performance throughout the Rugby World Cup 1995 and followed by an incredible Rugby career spanning 8 years from 1994 to 2002 has passed away at his home in Auckland, New Zealand surrounded by his family.Health IssuesGiven his history of health issues, the actual cause of Jonah's death is yet to be confirmed, many may not be aware, following the Rugby World Cup towards the end of 1995, Jonah Lomu was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a serious kidney disorder. His rugby career was put on hold while he was being treated for the disorder . In May 2003, the NZRFU announced that Lomu was on dialysis three times a week due to deterioration of his kidney function. Unfortunately Side effects of Lomu's dialysis treatment led to further nerve damage in his feet and legs which was said to be severe; doctors advised that he could face life in a wheelchair if a kidney transplant as a matter of urgency.A kidney was donated and Lomu underwent a kidney transplant on Tuesday, 28 July 2004, in Auckland. The kidney was in fact donated by Wellington radio presenter Grant Kereama, (what a selfless legend! Salute!)Jonah's PassingJonah had just returned home from the United Kingdom yesterday evening (17th November) with his family after a short holiday stint in Dubai. As you may have seen during the recent Rugby World Cup, Jonah was instrumental and very involved in promotional work during the Rugby World Cup. Whilst in the UK during this time he continued to receive dialysis treatment.However whilst details are scarce, after arriving at his home in Auckland, Jonah passed away unexpectedly earlier this morning, albeit surrounded by his family. He was only 40 years old.His passing is without any form of doubt and loss of epic magnitude to the Rugby community, the people of New Zealand and Tonga (of which he is descended) and the rest of the world, his legacy will live on for as long as the the game is played on any field, on any land on any planet.Jonah leaves behind his wife Nadene Lomu and their two sons. Jonah is widely known as saying all he wants to do is live to see his two son's turn 21, sadly that didn't happen.Jonah thanks England for their hospitality after arriving in in the UK for Rugby World Cup 2015.A well known video of the haka that Jonah Lomu lead in London during #RWC2015Well it will be difficult to put into words the epic life and Rugby career of such an incredible human being, I think I'll let the videos do the talking since they'll tell the story first hand.A remarkable tribute to Jonah Lomu by Sky Sports NZMore awesomeness from the big man!

Jonah Lomu Big Hits!

An interesting fact of Jonah Lomu's Rugby Career, Jonah Lomu scored massive amounts of tries against every test playing nation that he played against in World Rugby, however he never scored a try against South Africa and Wales.  This is widely due to being stopped by his close friend Joost Van Der Westhuizen who he visited on a trip to South Africa last year which became part of a documentary of Jonah's.Joost is no doubt going to be absolutely devastated to hear the news this morning.

One legend to another: Jonah Lomu calls Jerry Collins a hero during Jerry Collins' funeral.

To Nadene and Jonah's boys, his mother and the rest of Jonah's family and friends, may you find peace in your hearts knowing that Jonah is looking down from the stars with his unforgettable smile. He will not ever be forgotten because of what he brought to our beautiful game.Thoughts and prayers are with you all.A true gent of the gameThis has been tough to writeFarewell Jonah, good-bye legend...

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