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Ard Matthews Pulls A ‘Ras’ Of The National Anthem

Well it seems Facebook and Twitter is ablaze tonight following the botched up performance of the national anthem by Ard Matthews at the Springbok World Cup Squad Announcement

If you were watching the Springbok World Cup Squad Announcement on SuperSport tonight you'd have seen it first hand, and I can imagine the most common three words all said at the same time throughout South Africa would have been.... What.... The .... Fuck.... or WTF if you may 🙂

Ard Matthews got up and did a solo performance of the national anthem and proved that no matter if you're a seasoned rockstar, sometimes the extreme pressure of the moment will become a little too overwhelming that your mind literally goes blank and you forget your words. It happens, and the most unfortunate thing is that it couldn't have happened at a worse time since the entire nation was watching, bit of a catch 22 since this was basically what would have caused it. It's a lot to handle when you are up there on your ace, its pretty damn heavy, I reckon if he had even just one person backing him up it would have been a total different story, if the team had joined in as a bit of a choir effort as he apparently thought was gonna happen, it would have sounded pretty phenominal, it still amazes me that no one actually thought that would be a good idea in the first place, cause it would have seriously calmed his nerves and brought out the awesomeness of the Ard that we all know too well, not to mention that it probably would have sounded pretty fuckin amazing. I've got a small idea of how he felt, every musician does, I've got my own personal experiences of being up on stage feeling super confident since I've played and sang a song a million times before, but something happens and you go completely blank where the only thing you can do is look down, smile at yourself and think, "fuck I'm such a idiot right now"... think about it, everybody does it... it can be something so small, you walking down the road, your foot catches something and you come close to seeing your arse... what does everyone do, you smile, because you feel like a tit... so people raging on that he was laughing being disrespectful yada yada yada... shut up and think about what I'm saying the next time you cockup and feel rather embarrased.

At the end of the day, do you honestly think Ard went out there with the intention of making a total balls up of the anthem and causing himself a world of shame and embarrasment... really now, get real. Many have said it's his job and that shouldn't happen, I guess no one has ever made a bit of a cock up in their jobs hey? ja right... just be thankful the whole country wasn't watching you when you made that unintentional balls up in your work place.

The oke realises he cocked up bigtime and came right out expressing his apologies and embarrassment for what had happened, one thing is for sure, you wouldn't want to be him right now, cause EISH! I know I'd feel like a proper dumbass, which I no doubt know is exactly how he feels right now. 

There is some good that can come out of this, although I've met Ard a couple times, I don't know him well enough so I may just be speculating so don't shoot me, but living the high life rubbing shoulders with all the cool kids for a while can cause you to become a little out of touch of who you really are and where you came from, it can cause a bit of over confidence, I'm sure we'll all agree that Just Jinjer hasn't exactly produced the level of material that they produced in the early years such as "Like You Madly" and "Shallow Waters", things happen for a reason, and maybe this has happened in order to bring Ard back down to ground level, bring him right back to grass roots, helping him dig deep within his musical genius and bring out the good stuff that has been clouded by living the lifestyle, we all know he's got it in him 🙂 I've got a feeling he's gonna make a huge effort in the near future after what's happened. 

One thing I would like to say is, a national anthem should never be sung alone... there's nothing national or united about at anthem being sung in its entirety as a solo act... did we learn nothing from Saturday against the All Blacks... Think about it, even at a game you may have a singer leading, but you always have the team and the ambient sound of the crowd singing along.

Anyway, thats my take, lets have a look at how it all went down...(turn your volume up, the audio isn't great)

See what I mean... give the oke a break

There's just one thing that I found a little annoying about the whole thing.... When Ras Dumisani cocked it up, the oke was torn apart by everyone including the team members and even the management... when Ard cocked it up, apologies we accepted by team members, organisers and management "unconditionally" almost immediately, that certainly wasn't the case for ol' Ras... I'm not saying apologies shouldn't have been accepted right away, I'm saying those same people should have been as forgiving for Ras and given him a bit more support when he needed it, cause at the end of the day, both of them went out there with all the intentions of doing it well but unintentionally failed... I hope those concerned feel a bit differently now, since tonight just went to show, it doesn't matter who you are, even a mate or someone they know well managed to cock it up in the end.

Ard, don't beat yourself up about it too much bru, we're all human and we all make a complete balls up from time to time, the boys can tell you a lot about that which I'm sure they have, they're world champs but they still play shit from time to time making plenty mistakes, they realise it but they keep driving on and a lot of it is the support from their fans and peers that keep up that spirit going... The Boks haven't ever lost a supporter in me no matter how badly they play, and you certainly haven't lost a fan in me tonight.

Keep fighting the good fight china! All the best!

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