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Bryce Lawrence… Let’s Have A Chat

Bryce Lawrence, scared to visit South Africa, wins award for Referee Of The Year In New Zealand and more on all that...

So for the last couple weeks I've been sitting back to see what develops with the Bryce Lawrence saga, to see if the joke of a ref would wait for the dust to settle and maybe find it in himself to mutter an apology... I'd say it came close, but no cigar. He did manage to come out and say he was disappointed in the way he reffed the quarter final between South Africa and Australia... in his own words, “I was disappointed with some aspects in my own performance that day after refereeing four really pretty strong games in pool play,”... “I’m not blaming anyone for the quarter-final refereeing display apart from myself. I didn’t referee as well as I could.” it seems Bryce doesn't have much of a memory because I can think of one out of that four that he also cocked up... Australia vs Ireland, which he also admitted that we was disappointed about. Who knows, a decent apology to everyone may have changed this whole thing for him, but unfortunately there was no apology, just that he was disappointed, yes Bryce, so were we... It shouldn't be a case of if you cock up a number of games you can always just say you're disappointed about it afterwards and everything would be hunky dory, thats an easy route out. If coaches mess up enough they are gone, and that's a fact. It's no secret that Bryce has had a running history of useless incompetence and it's quite possible that we are in for more games that will not be an indication of who is the better team at the end of the day, but how Bryce's game turns out is since he's been appointed to ref in next years Super Rugby Tournament. His reffing ability is a joke and I won't waste my time watching a game that he is reffing again. As we've all heard he's been "rested" for the Six Nations tournament. Is it possibly a case where the organisers of the six nations may have higher standards than SANZAR where they won't allow such controversy to be brought into their tournament? 

It's since come to light that Bryce and the NZRU are a touch worried about sending Bryce to South Africa to ref during Super Rugby. After reading the comments by passionate supporters, I really don't blame them. To be quite honest, I really wouldn't recommend it because at the end of the day, it only takes one person, and by the looks of things, I think it will be quite a race for who can get to the oke first. I really wouldn't risk it. 

Then comes today... it recently came to light that Bryce was up for an award as Referee of the Year in New Zealand. As news broke today that he did receive the award, it has received a tirade of unsatisfaction from supporters. It seems the NZRU have officially turned Rugby into a complete joke, to award someone who clearly is the worst referee in the IRB as Referee of the Year either doesn't say much for the level of referees in New Zealand, or its a middle finger to the Rugby community. All in all its just an absolute embarrassment for themselves, they clearly aren't a very bright bunch, they know how much controversy was sparked off following Bryce Lawrence's performance during the World Cup with calls of match fixing, yet they go one step further to confirm all that with giving Bryce Lawrence an award for what seems as a thanks for handing them the World Cup, I mean seriously, are these people thick or what? If a lot of people already won't acknowledge that the All Blacks are or deserve to be the true champions, then this is just going to increase that number by a whole lot more. It's one thing not being the champions but its a whole other thing when you made the cut but everyone just laughs and thinks, yeah... maybe, but it does look like you were helped, rather demoralising. I guess its safe to say the NZRU are quite an embarrassment to Rugby, as much as their star Referee. Quite honestly, the respect I had for them is now gone, and I'm sure many others will think the same. They just sealed the deal on this Rugby World Cup being biggest joke of all Rugby World Cups. I'm sure many All Black supporters and the people of New Zealand are going to be quite bleek due to the amount of effort that they put into it, but they've got the bright sparks at NZRU to thank for all that. If Bryce had any dignity he would have graciously not accepted, but this whole entire charade has just showcased to the world, how screwed up NZ Rugby really is and how their boys club operates. 

To my knowledge the IRB have really done nothing in terms of damage control, which basically shows that they just have no idea on how to deal with it, a bit weak in my view. Rugby Supporters would have greatly appreciated transparency over these matters and would have probably gone a whole lot better, but instead they hide away like scared little mice, is this the IRB that we want. I'd say disband the whole thing and rebuild a new IRB that has the people who make the game what it is aswell as the sport itself at heart. 

Speaking of people who also don't seem to be very fourthcoming on heated matters... SARU, they've been fairly quiet about the whole thing, my question is, what have they done? what are they doing? Are they doing anything or are they just sitting at SANZAR meetings with their tails between their legs? People want to know, your supporters are clearly upset and you don't seem to be doing much about it... It's clear your supporters have a pair... do you? Let's get some rapport going here, people will appreciate it. 

There's been a lot of talk about boycotting games especially when the All Blacks tour....

Your thoughts?

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