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Bryce Lawrence’s Test Career is OVER!


Following the announcement in March that Bryce Lawrence had been dropped from the IRB’s Elite Referee’s Panel, hours ago it was confirmed that Bryce Lawrence’s Test Career is overs, kadovers… and it’s come straight from the horse’s mouth…listen to this!

You will remember the excitement of hearing that the IRB had dropped Bryce Lawrence from its elite panel in March, although he had the opportunity to fight his way back. There was also a bit of confusion amongst people when they still saw him reffing Super Rugby games. I guess in the end it was the fact that he was just dropped from the elite panel, meaning he wouldn’t ref any internationals, however was still able to ref regional games such as Super Rugby.

As it turns out, merely hours ago, Lyndon Bray, the head of SANZAR’s Referee’s panel, told Eye Witness News that Bryce Lawrence’s Test career is over.

“From an IRB perspective, he has not been selected in the test. There’s a decision that we as selectors in the IRB made back in March. His time is over at that level.” he also said, “At this stage he is clearly not on the team. His challenge would be, if it’s possible, to find his way back again. And I think given the reality and what he’s gone through and the situation at the moment that would be a huge ask”

In other words, there is an opportunity for him to work his way back, but even Lyndon Bray himself reckons its highly unlikely, it seems, in his eyes, it’s over for Bryce.

Following Bryce Lawrence’s poor performance during the World Cup 2011 Quarter Final between South Africa and Australia, he hasn’t exactly made any good impressions during this years Super 15 Rugby tournament, just the other day he was lambasted by Crusaders coach, Todd Blackadder for botched calls during a match between The Crusaders and The Hurricanes, which resulted in tries awarded to The Hurricanes that Blackadder believed should never have been awarded… Bryce Lawrence was TMO for that game… so he even had action replay but still made bad calls.

In my opinion, Bryce Lawrence’s days of reffing even Super Rugby games, are numbered, although one thing is for sure, you won't be seeing Bryce Lawrence on the field at Rugby World Cup 2015! 🙂 Howz that for a relief!?!

I don’t know if the Bryce Lawrence announcement is just pure coincidence, but was Lyndon Bray listening to PharSide LIVE on Sunday afternoon? It been pretty quiet for a while now and then I drop a few words on the subject, and boom!  Hmmmm 🙂 who knows? He may be a massive fan haha 🙂

Make sure you listen to Darren Scott and his team at Ballz Radio, as this is bound to be a great topic during this afternoon’s show… So go check out Ballz Radio right now! I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say about it!

I think everyone on the Bryce Lawrence Facebook Petition can give themselves a pat on the back, although it will never be admitted, we all know its been a massive driving force of pressure along the way 🙂 

Thanks for the support! Right now I've got a few "I told you so messages to write" 🙂

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