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WATCH: Clermont Flank, Viktor Kolelishvili Receives Massive Ban For Shoving Wayne Barnes

Viktor Kolelishvili, Flank for French Rugby side, Clermont has received a rather lengthy ban for shoving referee, Wayne Barnes during their match against Ospreys on Friday Night.

During a European Professional Club Rugby tournament, Champions Cup game last Friday night, Clermont flanker, Viktor Kolelishvili appears to have lost his marbles when he forcefully shoved Referee Wayne Barnes out the way.Naturally Barnes was having none of it and immediately blew the oke up for it.Barnes awarded a penalty against Clermont and play continued, but that obviously was not going to be the end of it... not by a long shot.Kolelishvili was officially cited for the incident on Monday with the following reported by SkySports:
The punishment was at the low end for physical abuse of match officials. The Georgia international pleaded guilty to the charge and his initial punishment - 28 weeks - was halved as apologised immediately and showed remorse.An ERC statement said: Kolelishivili was cited by the match Citing Commissioner, Mike Rafter (England), for pushing the match referee, Wayne Barnes (England)…"Under World Rugby's Sanctions for Foul Play, Law 10.4 (m), Physical abuse of match officials, carries the following sanction entry points - Low End: 24 weeks; Mid-Range: 48 weeks; Top End: 96 weeks to life.In upholding the citing complaint, the Judicial Officer found that Kolelishvili had committed an act of foul play that warranted a red card. He determined that the offence was at the low end of World Rugby’s sanctions and selected 24 weeks as the appropriate entry point.He added two weeks due to the player’s poor disciplinary record before reducing the sanction by half of the entry point taking into account Kolelishvili’s immediate apology to the referee, his subsequent remorse, guilty plea and good conduct at the hearing. He then imposed a suspension of 14 weeks.
Clermont was eventually defeated by Ospreys 21-13 at full time.
I wouldn't say anybody would be very impressed with that lack of self-discipline... not in Rugby...there's another game that that sort of thing happens in... not ours :).
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