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Crusaders Rugby Do The Harlem Shake [video]

The Crusaders Rugby side have gone and filmed their very own Harlem Shake video on Youtube...And it's one of the best ones to date!

What do you get when you cross one of the best Super Rugby sides and the Harlem Shake? Well one of the best Harlem Shake videos that is available on the Internet at this very moment of course!Late last night I saw His Lordship Dan Carter tweet that he wanted to organise a little Harlem Shake video by the Crusaders, and it's seems they didn't waste any time cause hours later... It's up and in my personal opinion definitely in the top 10 best Harlem Shake videos available!So I bet a few of you are scratching your head's right thinking, what the flipping hell is The Harlem Shake... Well... Class is now in session 🙂Basically the Harlem Shake is a song by a guy called Baauer... Somewhere along the line a meme started and had been trending like wildfire through the interweb... The construction is simple.. You have a room with people doing whatever, one person starts dancing on his ace for the first 15 seconds while everyone doesn't appear to notice him, then as the bass drops all hell breaks loose... Confused?Ok watch the Crusaders do The Harlem Shake 🙂Enjoy...Nice work boys! Brilliant! But don't let that make you think you're gonna beat the Sharks this year mkay! Baaaa hahaha  🙂Definitely a lot cooler than a certain bunch of boys in blue singing Stand By Me 🙂

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