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Eben Etzebeth Citing… Eye Gouging? Really Now?

Springbok Rugby player Eben Etzebeth was cited during Saturdays clash against Scotland for eye gouging... well at least some may call it that...

SpringboK Rugby player Eben Etzebeth faces a 12-24 week ban if found guilty of eye gouging in Saturdays match against Scotland at Murrayfield.Etzebeth was cited by, wait for it... English official Alan Mansell for allegedly gouged Scotland fly-half Greig Laidlaw.But lets just take a little look at the incident as it happened...

You call that eye gouging?

Now I'm not trying to biased here, I do believe in a fair game at the end of the day... but really now...Have a close look, you can see Etzebeth has his hand around Laidlaw's face, however at no point do you see Etzebeth's  fingers gouging Laidlaw's eyes. In fact throughout the later part of the incident you can see Etzebeth's fingers lay over Laidlaw's nose and eyes, now unless Etzebeth has got some very strange lumps protruding from the bottom of his fingers, its a physical impossibility that you can call that gouging. At one point you do see Etzebeth's index finger go near the outer side of Laidlaw's left eye but in no way does it look intentional and Etzebeth appears to release immediately as he realises that his fingers are in the danger zone. Just to add, Laidlaw didn't bring the incident up at all afterwards and didn't receive any medical attention, and just me, if his eye was gouge you wouldn't have heard the end of it...Feel free to prove me wrongAs you can see its as clear as day even on very low definition video, trust me, I've seen the high definition that officials get to view these things in and I can only say one thing... Mr. Mansell I think you seriously need to take advantage of a free eye test from SpecSavers and if you recently did have an eye test... well then... you should have gone to SpecSavers, simples 🙂Are the English trying to make a sly forward pass to weaken the Boks ahead of Saturday's game against England at Twickenham? who knows...In other news, The Springboks blame the English RFU for the bout of flu making its way through the squad, JP Pieterson's groin injury and also Heyneke Meyer's case of Laryngitis... well not really but if they are going to be this petty with a citing such as this, then they might aswell.Nice try 🙂

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