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Eben Etzebeth not amused by journo’s ‘Stupid Question’

Eben Etzebeth is left rather unamused by journalist James McOnie asking 'Stupid Question' about nickname...

Springbok lock Eben Etzebeth found himself in the middle of a seemingly confusing question on nicknames relating to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's characters from The Crowd Goes Wild's James McOnie (who is known for his little wind ups)When asked the question you can see that the Springbok Gigantafrickinsaurus had no idea what he was being asked, which obviously didn't make the joke turn out the funny way that I'm guessing James intended it to turn out, resulting in a haha. He turned to teammate Trevor Nyakane, asking in Afrikaans, "Who is that?" to which Nyakane said he doesn't know. You can check Eben realised he was being made fun of when the rest of the room laughed and he was left feeling a bit awkward nonetheless. Clearly the joke didn't really land in terms of, I'm leaning towards language and cultural barriers I guess.Regardless, the awkward crash landing of the joke has gone a lot more viral than it would have in the first place... or was the Mr. McOnie's cunning plan from the the start? hmmmm 🙂I'm sure by now he sees the funny side of it all. To be honest though, if James McOnie knew of the story of what breekers the Etzebeth's are in Cape Town, I'm sure he would have asked his questions starting with "Sir and ending with "Sir" cause jinne boet, I wouldn't wanna be in the impact end of an Etzebeth.Here's the report from The Crowd Goes Wild, featuring Etzebeth and the Springbok camp (before pressing the "Play" put all seriousness in your pocket and put your humour pants on mkay, you're gonna need to have them on for the Kiwi banter)I dunno....what do you think?bruno-_320 Eben-Etzebeth-01I tell you one thing though... It's certainly clear who Duane Vermeulen's doppleganger is....hemsworth_vermuelenFRICKIN THOR!!! Although clearly Duane is harder and tougher than Thor 🙂

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