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If You Missed The SA National Anthem on Saturday… Watch this

If you didn't get to watch the game between the Springboks and the All Blacks on Saturday, in particular, the South African National Anthem… then best you check this out…

Something pretty damn phenominal happened on Saturday… just minutes before the clash between the Boks and the All Blacks in Port Elizabeth, the teams lined up for the usual singing on the anthems, then out of nowhere the anthem was sung like this…

Cruise to 1:55 for the start of the South African National Anthem…

How awesome was that? that is honestly, hands down the best I have ever heard it sung before… I've watched it a couple times now and got goosebumps every time… EISH!

The final score that day… 18-5 to South Africa… yes, we crunched the All Black… just goes to show what a team can do when they are filled with inspiration of their supporters.

I take my hat off to every bok supporter there that day, well done PE, you made a lot of people super proud cause that was frickin AWESOME!

I bet all those "South African" All Blacks supporters that we've heard about lately felt like proper tits parking in the crowd wearing an All Black jersey while their fellow nation sang their hearts out and won… bet you feel clever now, don't you?… fuckin idiots!

I'd say the end result was already set after that performance… it's awesomeness like that, that will drive our boys to hold up that cup one more time :)

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