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Incase You Missed The Springbok Send Off On Friday…

The had a massive fully charged in , on Friday… here's the video

Check out this pretty impressive "go get 'em"send off for the Springbok Rugby World Cup Squad by Sports and Recreation Minister , quite an inspiring and proud to be South African moment, have a little look 🙂

"!" … I can live with that 🙂

ja its no secret were passionate about our Rugby… Can't ever see David Cameron or any of his MP's giving it large like that… although maybe if they did, it may just inspire the England football team to actually win a World Cup so they can finally get over 1966… for the love of all that is good!  🙂

Apparently the England squad had a little dinner… thasall innit 🙂

Good luck boys! like he said… MOER HULLE! 🙂

First game is on Sunday at 9:30am… The Boks go up against Wales… make sure you're down at The Slug in Wimbledon… it's gonna be a bit of a big one… EISH! 🙂


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