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Interview with RWC 2015 Springboks vs Samoa Pitch Invader [video]

Marky Warren interviews Pulley, Saturday's super side stepping security dodging Pitch Invader from the South Africa vs Samoa Rugby World Cup Match at Villa Park

While you were exiting the stands at Villa Park on Saturday afternoon after the Springboks epic win over Samoa in the group stages match of Rugby World Cup 2015, you may have been served a bit of quality entertainment in the form of a "pitch invader" by the name of Pulley, who just happens to have one hellova side step where he managed to complete out dodge security officials to perform a superb dive try impression that even Bryan Habana would have applauded had he seen it.The only thing I find completely unacceptable with Pulley's stunt is.... that he wasn't wearing a dashing red PharSide cap... I think the boy deserves one! 🙂Pulley is obviously not to be confused with this useless idiot who apparently goes by the name of Izak Holtshausen from Brakpan (I sh*t you not!) of all places, can you believe it?Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 02.33.04As we all saw on TV, this oke actually interrupted play during the final minutes of the game, which thinking about it could have very well done a lot of damage, in terms of player, referee safety as well has his own safety (not that any of would really be cared tbh) It's just rather sad that my boy, Duane Vermeulen didn't get a good enough grip on the dumbsh*t and give the oke a proper tighty to slap some sense into him...Unlike Pulley who did his little stunt for humorous/entertainment purposes only, after the players had exited the field, completely after the game so not upsetting any form of play etc, whereas this absolute bellend took it upon himself to play a part in the game...what an thoroughbred dumb*s, a proper embarrassment to Springbok Supporters around the world nonetheless.... its rather funny that his favourite quote on his Facebook profile is, "Gaan groot of gaan tuis toe" (Go big or go home) ...well Izak, maybe its time you went tuis toe... back to Brakpan, where you clearly belong....

Bryan Habana schmaaks this oke nothing!

Check the footage.... what a knob!
Victor Matfield is said to be most unimpressed with Izak... noted :) Damn Vic, but thats some serious groomage you're got going there bru... yoh!

Victor Matfield is said to be most unimpressed with Izak... noted 🙂 One is clearly not amused...Damn Vic! but thats some serious groomage you're got going there bru... VO5 or what?... yoh! 🙂

Not that I condone pitch invasions, but if you're gonna do it guys, take a leaf out of Pulley's hat and do it when you're not gonna upset any game play, be a threat to anybody else, get yourself cuffed by the kerels, ruin a pretty damn awesome game of Rugby or just blatantly want to be an absolute knob... in which case, you simply are one... end of...Special thanks to:`Pulley, Brent Booysen, Emil Schaub

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