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Is Ras Dumisani entirely to blame for the mockery that was the SA National Anthem?

In the heat of Ras Dumisani's unbelievably shocking rendition of the South African National Anthem at the start of the Springbok vs France game in Toulouse on Friday night, I've had a bit of time to have a few thoughts on the matter.

Now I know I may be starting a shit storm of controversy here, and I accept the fact that some narrow mindedness and follow the crowdness will want to have its sharp quick comments, but please bare in mind, I totally agree 100% that Ras Dumisani did butcher the national anthem in our eyes and should have without a doubt NEVER been on that field, yet there is a bigger picture here.

Now I must admit, the previous article was written straight after seeing a video of the shocking outrage that took place and hence without a doubt you can see that disgust within the writing. In the heat of the moment we can say the darndest things... any person in a relationship will agree 🙂 However I do wish to take some of my derogatory comments about Ras Dumisani back, because after some further investigation, he is within his own rite and in my opinion, not such a bad reggae artist, but "REGGAE" being the operative word here. He is without a doubt and proved bigtime the other night, NOT a national anthem singer as we all now know. I did some looking around for some Ras Dumisani material on YouTube and to my amazement there is actually quite a bit there. So I thought I'd take a look and this is just one of them, have a listen.

Now I can't say I'm much of a reggae reggae fan to be honest, well at least not since my days of being a bit of a zolbol at school, where all our CD collections had at least one Bob Marley album (don't deny it, you know what I mean haha ), so I know most people will still think it is a load of shit, but look passed it for a second and you will probably realise that he isn't actually that bad.... AS A REGGAE ARTIST...  That is the style in which they make music and that is how they sing songs to their reggae style and beat.  You aren't gonna hire a reggae reggae band and not expect to hear reggae reggae music being the the main influence in any song that they play, only a moron wouldn't expect it. I'm actually quite astonishingly surprised that nobody saw this coming from a mile off.

Now another point is this, some people "believe" they can sing, just take a look every week at the X-Factor or Idols auditions, some of those people truely believe they can sing the song that they are singing. In their heads it sounds awesome and how it should be done, but for pretty much everyone besides them, its really just not the case. This is why they have a panel of judges that decide who goes through passed the audition stage, but they show the ones on TV that can't sing for blatant humorous purposes.

Take a look at this... get what I'm saying?...

And this oke is convinced he is an excellent rapper...just like Eminem

Maybe in Ras Dumisani's mind it actually sounded good, he proved this when he did it again on a Cape radio station yesterday, where he did actually think it was good, but  for everyone besides him, it wasn't good at all. Now I'm not saying that we should hold an X-Factor contest everytime we have a rugby match, but there should seriously be some sort of audition process in place to see that the artist is singing such an important song in a manner which is potentially acceptable to the majority. Trust me, you wouldn't have needed to be a Simon Cowell to decide whether it would be good or not, any person could have made that assumption beforehand.

What I am getting to here is, Ras Dumisani is as much a victim of this catastophe as everyone who was watching it was, and he is being made out to be the scapegoat in this saga which has now been labelled "Anthemgate". He truely believed just like all those X-Factor auditions that he could do it, but nobody stopped him and said, "hold on a sec my china, thats really not how that song should sound". He was just the poor bugger who was put out there believing that he could do it. There are alot of guys out there who believe they are Springbok quality rugby players and believe they have what it takes to represent their country, I'm sure you'll agree. If they were given half the chance they would take up the oppitunity without a second thought just like Ras Dumisani probably did, but there is a strict Springbok selection process in place which seperates the believers from the guys who have what it takes to be a Springbok, and to stop them from getting annihilated on the field just like Ras Dumisani.

As I said, it seems that Ras Dumisani is being made out to be the scapegoat here, everything about who he is has been trampled into the ground, whereas the real person or people responsible at the South African Embassy in Paris are hiding behind a curtain, too shit scared to come out and show their faces. I'm sure you will agree that it should be the person who is responsible for giving Ras Dumisani the go ahead, who put their signature on whatever piece of paper to say that Ras Dumisani would sing the anthem before the game, that is the person who's face and name should be plastered all over the internet receiving all the bad comments that we all keep seeing all over the place.
I think that person should publically apologise firstly to Ras Dumisani for giving him hope and letting him fail in front of a world stage along with the negativity that is now surrounding the poor dude, and secondly to South Africa as a nation, for single handedly embarassing the living daylights out of our country in front of the world.

That is the person who I think should be labelled the disgrace of South Africa, Public Enemy Number One!

Who is this person? What is their name? and more so, show us a photo of what this bloody poes looks like!

What do you think?

Over to you

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