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Naas Botha Speaks A lot Of Sense On Saturday’s Game – Springboks vs New Zealand

Just Plain Darren Scott has a chat with Naas Botha on Ballz Radio about this last Saturday’s Rugby Championship game between the Springboks and the All Blacks at Soccer City in Soweto… he made so much sense that it definitely warranted a post…

I sat at my desk yesterday, earphone in my right ear enjoying my daily listen to Ballz Radio, then Darren decided to give Naas a call to discuss Saturdays clash between the Boks and the All Blacks at Soccer City in Soweto, where the after a promising first half performance by the Boks, they seemed to crumble under the pressure in the 2nd, resulting in New Zealand walking off the field with a 32 – 16 victory over the Boks… but it wasn’t so much about what Naas said about the game itself that grabbed my full attention, its what he said in general about the state of the Boks which made this post match discussion, possibly the most sensible discussions I’ve heard yet… Naas makes a lot of sense, people should listen to Naas… Naas knows best in my opinion, but have a little listen for yourself…

Ja you check… Naas knows his shit bigtime… after all, he is South Africa’s most iconic Springbok flyhalf

I guess at the end of the day, nobody likes a glory boy in Rugby… I guess that applies to the coaching staff too… don’t try be a glory boy coach… work together, ask…

BTW, I wasn’t listening out for it, but was there a sneaky “but on the other hand Darren” in there somewhere? :)

Do you agree?

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