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Natal Sharks vs Western Province… The Ultimate Currie Cup Final

Well well, its that time of year again... yes you guessed it, this Saturday it’s Currie Cup Final time again. It is the time where after months of teams battling it out on the fields of the greatest tournament in South African Rugby, climaxes to an absolute pinnacle and one team gets to hold the Currie Cup high with extreme jubilation.

Some may agree that this year’s final, is quite possibly the biggest grudge match final in nine years since these two arch rivals last met. I’m talking about the Natal Sharks vs Western Province, in my opinion, the ultimate clash of the titans in SA Rugby. This will be the 5th time these two teams have clashed in a final and statistically speaking, it’s difficult to predict who is going to take the cake, although being a born and bred Durbanite, it’s no secret where my heart lies. Looking back over the years of Currie Cup history, WP have won it 32 times and the Sharks only 5, however in recent years the last time WP made an appearance in the final was back in 2001, against the very same team that they will be up against this Saturday in the Shark Tank a.k.a The Absa Stadium in Durban, The Sharks have appeared in two finals since then and won once, the latest being 2008. In this season alone, these two rivals have done battle twice, and each defeated the other with huge score differences to make any sports better slightly nervous, but the Sharks have remained at the top of the log and secured a home final to play under the unbeatable atmosphere of Kings Park...

One of the most talked about things on Twitter in South Africa at the moment is the little war being waged between @Just_Sharks and @Just_WP in a race to gain the most amount of support. South African celebrities such as @JustPlainTwit (Darren Scott) @GarethCliff are backing @Just_Sharks so all you Sharks Supporters on Twitter need to do the right thing and follow @Just_Sharks, then you can also be cool like me, cause I follow @Just_Sharks too 🙂

Rumour has it that the Sharks may even get a good luck speech from our very own Parys Potgieter some time this week just like other prominent figures usually do. A personal good luck speech from Parys may be all the Sharks need in order to seal the deal.

If you are looking for an awesome place to watch the final in London then The Horse and Groom and The Slug is where its all gonna be happening. I'll be at the Horse and Groom for the game aswell as competing in a Potjie Compo and then later moving up to The Slug for the aftermath and Halloween Party... The Slug is open till 2am this Saturday so best you have a good talk to your liver today and tell him/her to suit up 🙂

Kick Off is at 4:30pm UK Time and will also be shown on Sky Sports 4 

And now a little message from me to all you hopeful WP Supporters out there... We are Black! We are White! We are FUCKIN' Dynamite!!! SHARKS FOREVER BABY! 

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