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Ref Cam… View Super Rugby As The Ref Sees It… Like We’ve Never Seen Before

A few Saturdays ago, the Queensland Reds beat The Waratahs at their home ground of Suncorp Park in Brisbane in what you might have thought was just another game of Super Rugby, but there was something else was going on on the field at the same time that is going to change the way we watch Rugby forever... and it seems pretty damn awesome, let me introduce you to Ref Cam...

Quite simply, Ref Cam is an HD camera that is mounted onto the Referee's ear which feeds HD footage along with high quality audio straight from the field as it happens. After some pre-season testing during games, and a few designs later that I've seen along the way, it looks like they've finally got it right! This ingenius and rather simple idea was used for the very first time in a Super Rugby game, worn by Chris Pollock who reffed the Reds vs Waratahs game. It has been brought to the table by Fox Sports, who funny enough, are the same guys behind the stump cams in Cricket.I'm not sure if or when SuperSport will start using it in South Africa, but one thing is for sure, its only a matter of time.Naturally it gives you a full, right in the thick of it view of the game and quite honestly is going to be a massive game changer in terms of the fact that it will be a little difficult to blame the ref because you'll see what the ref is seeing from his viewpoint... but I guess it will also work the other way around aswell 🙂 Certainly might pipe the Ballie down a bit 🙂SANZAR Head Honcho, Lyndon Bray, appears to be extremely happy with the outcome and intimacy at which we'll be able experience the game which makes it look like this is something we are going to see a whole lot more of in the near future...I think its absolutely brilliant!Check out the video surround this brilliant little piece of kit...It doesn't get any closer than that now does it!Nice work guys![source: The Squire]

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