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South African National Anthem Disgraced!

The South African National Anthem sung at the start of the Springboks vs France game in Toulouse yesterday was an absolute disgrace to the nation

As many of you may have seen yesterday and witnessed in absolute shock, the South African National Anthem was "sung" by some absolute tone deaf idiot who proved to everyone at the stadium aswell as everyone viewing on TV that he cannot sing to save his life, by constantly going off key and going to his own beat which wasn't even to the beat of the rest of the music. I can honestly say that even my cat Pringles could have meowed the anthem better through the microphone. It was an absolute disgrace and complete mockery of our anthem and our nation.

You could see the look on the players faces that all that was going through their minds was WTF! Schalk Burger's face was priceless right at the end because you could see the disgust written all over his face. If I were The Legend That Is John Smit, I would have led the boys straight off the field into the change rooms and demanded that they find someone to do the anthem properly before they even think of stepping foot back onto that field.

Fortunately enough I actually missed the anthems and the kick off having no idea of the extent of what everyone was talking about with the anthems, until today when I found a video on YouTube showing it. I watched and I must admit, I was left completely lost for words, jaw dropped and eyes wide open. I could not believe that this was actually real and that it wasn't some kind of joke.

Bob Skinstad tweeted last night saying that the first thing South African Coach Peter de Villiers expressed at the start of the press conference after the game, was his disgust at the way the anthem was sung.

This is what The Legend That Is John Smit tweeted tonight

I bet every player thought the same thing at the time, that this was some kind of joke or that they were being punk'd, because it was absolutely ridiculous.

Where on earth did they find the dude in the first place? It's blatantly obvious that they didn't even audition the idiot beforehand because they would have very quickly realised that the guy cannot sing a line of the anthem without going off key. Whoever hired him and his two stooges should be made to make a formal public apology on TV and immediately fired thereafter because this was un-fuckin-believable!.. and I will not pardon my French 🙂

But howz this, its since come to light that the dude was hired by our own South African Embassy in Paris...  The way the process works is that when a foreign team visits, the French make a request to that country's embassy to ask if there is anyone who they would like to nominate to do the anthem, before finding someone themselves... so in other words some bunch of idiots who work in a small outpost of South Africa have completely embarrased our entire nation on a world stage.

EISH! I think someone is in a bit of kak 🙂

Just incase you missed it and want to experience this jaw dropping experience, see the footage for yourself below.

Shocked and Disgusted? I thought so...

Feel free not to hold back in your comments 🙂

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