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CONFIRMED! Sharks vs Crusaders At Twickenham – 27th March

IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! The Natal Sharks will play the Crusaders in a monumental Super Rugby clash at Twickenham, London on Sunday 27th March! It's gonna happen! Now Now, lets try remain calm 🙂

You may remember last week we were hit with the possibility of watching the Sharks play the Crusaders at Twickenham right here in London on 26th March. I must admit I couldn't contain the excitement at the thought, however the excitement was short lived and our dreams were shattered shortly after as RFU advised that it would not be possible to as the Quins would be played Gloucester that Saturday at the Stoop which is literally less than a mile down the road. As you can imagine, two massive rugby matches within such a small area would become quite plainly put, one big massive traffic jam. Wembley wasn't an option due to England playing Ghana in a football friendly. However this wasn't going to stop the Crusaders from having another crack at it by simply suggesting the day after... so after a bit of head scratching, RFU have tjooned, Ja cool, lets do it!

The match will kick off at 4pm on Sunday 27th March and become the stage for a massive Red Cross Weekend Fundraising Appeal to raise over £1million for those affected by the recent earthquake in Christchurch, home of the Crusaders. £5 from each ticket sold will go towards the appeal.

Twickers will become the first stadium to ever host a Super Rugby match outside of the three host nations, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets go on sale on this afternoon on Ticketmaster.
Due to the decision being made mere minutes ago, there's been no word on the price yet but we will obviously know in the next couple of hours.

So get those click fingers ready gang, as I think this is going to be one massive sell out... EISH! 🙂

Personally I'd like to thank the Crusaders for not giving up on a brilliant idea for a good cause, The Sharks for gladly accepting (and for playing like champions) and of course RFU for making a plan, because this is AWESOME! 🙂 Not to mention everyone of you that showed your support to get this game to London! 🙂

The Ballie could hardly contain himself when I txt him a few minutes ago to let him know... as many of you know, he's a die hard Sharks Supporter... Sharks tattoo and all 🙂

See you all at the game! WOOT! WOOT! 🙂

P.S... I'm feeling a little special, a few weeks after this game I'm going to be watching the Sharks taking on the Lions at Kings Park... and what made my trip cheaper... 20% Discount on flights to South Africa on SAA with a £10 Springbok Supporters Club Membership... not frickin bad ey!

UPDATE: tickets will be priced at £30,£40 and £50 depending on where you want to sit.

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