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Red Card For Bryce Lawrence, No Games In SA For Super 15 Season

Bryce Lawrence will not be getting a stamp in his passport from South African Border Control this year, as he has not been given any games to ref in South Africa for the Super 15 Rugby season.

I'm taking a quick breather from my Rhino Awareness campaign to bring you some splendid news that some of you may have already heard. According to an article published in RugbyWeek, Bryce Lawrence received his line up of games to Bryce up ref in this years 2012 Super 15 Rugby tournament, and thankfully he has been given no games to cock up ref within South African borders. Apparently Bryce wanted to head over and face the criticism, something that would probably resemble an event at the colosseum during Roman times that would involving a few lions, however SANZAR tjooned, nought bru, because they didn't want any distractions during the tournament... good thinking, I can see where they are coming from when you think of the overall feeling of last years Rugby World Cup, I guess they don't want the Super 15 to be painted with the same brush so to speak.

I don't think I need to remind you of the reasons for all this since it may bring back bad memories and dampen the awesome vibe this news has brought, but there have been a few things Bryce has come forward and said regarding is "performance". 


Lawrence told allblacks.com website this week that the fallout from the Springboks' World Cup game had been "intense".

"From the quarterfinal through the first two weeks after that, it was pretty hectic," he said.

"I was getting messages via Facebook and on my e-mails like 'watch your back when you get here because I'm going to take you out. I can't wait for you get here so I can spit on you' [said messages from South Africa].

"I wasn't too worried about people telling me they couldn't wait until I got to South Africa so they could spit on me."

Lawrence said the hardest part was the realisation he could have done better, including spending time with Paddy O'Brien dissecting the quarterfinal performance.

"The criticism didn't hurt me that much because I know I didn't referee as well as I should have," Lawrence said.

"I took a plan of not being overly technical into that game and possibly that was not the right plan.

"To get to my biggest game and not referee anywhere near as well, I let myself down and I also let the team down."

He said that what hurt him were accusations that his actions had been deliberate and underhand to benefit the World Cup hosts.

"It only really hurt when it became personal, when people started saying it was a fix-up and I'd done it so the All Blacks could get through. That hurt," he said.

"I'd done my self-review and realised I'd missed a couple of things, but you can't get overly concerned about that because I had just missed them - it wasn't as if I'd seen them and decided not to do anything."

Like I've said before, its easy to say, yeah he's disappointed with his performance, yada yada yada, but still no sign of an apology and/or a "I'm certainly going to make sure that I majorly improve" since remember, he doesn't exactly had a good track record over the years... I'm sure many people would have been a bit more forgiving by now if he'd provided a decent apology...so I guess we'll see a continuation of the same old Bryce Lawrence performance... outside of South Africa that is 🙂

Apparently he said he can't please everyone... obviously just the All Blacks since they gave him the NZ ref of the year award...and we all know why that was, don't we? 🙂 

I guess the Facebook Petition page did help make a few changes for the better after all.


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