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Super 15 Rugby At The Slug In Wimbledon

The time that every South African Rugby Supporter has been waiting for has just about arrived... yes gang, it's Super 15 Rugby time, and where better to get the action than The Slug in Wimbledon...

This Friday sees the start of possibly the greatest Rugby tournament on earth, just because its southern hemisphere next level Rugby at its finest. Fifteen teams consisting of five teams each from Austrailia, New Zealand and South Africa... but seriously, why am I telling you this, you should already know it, if not, then get back under your rock and stay there. What you may not already know is, the best place this side of the equator to catch all the action thats so in your face, you'd think you're sitting at the game. Why? because you get to see it via eight massive projector screens, and nine other LCD screens through the bar so that no matter where you are in the bar, it would be pretty difficult not to see it... This is of course, The Slug in Wimbledon.

This is the line up of games which can be seen at The Slug this weekend:







You check that, as most of us will only be finishing work at 6pm on Friday, give or take an hour to get back to Wimbledon from the city or Canary Wharf, chances are you are going to pretty much miss the whole game... however, The Slug will be screening a replay of the Sharks vs Bulls game upstairs on Friday night at 7:45pm. I know I'm going to go into radio silence from when the game starts, which means, no Facebook , Twitter etc. so I don't spoil it for myself,...in fact,  while typing that, I've just realised that Ryan Lurie will probably be reading this, so in that case, I am switching my phone off completely as he's bound to sabotage me by smsing me the result before I get to watch the game 🙂 So if you're trying to get hold of me on Friday after 5pm and my phone keeps going to voicemail, well then you know where I'm going to be 🙂

Check you all there... something tells me Friday night is going to be a bit of a big one 🙂

For info and directions to The Slug, Click Here

Oh... and just one more thing.....

GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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