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Support Hendre Fourie, Former England Rugby Player To Stay In The UK

South African born former England and Sale Sharks Rugby Player Hendre Fourie (Shrek) faces deportation back to South Africa after being forced to retire from Rugby due to injuries... support the campaign to stop this from happening!

Hendre FourieLast week, Hendre Fourie was forced to announce his retirement from Rugby following an unsuccessful third shoulder op from injuries sustained from his Rugby career whilst playing Rugby in the UK. Fourie who has a total of 8 international winning caps playing for England, also played for Rotherham Titans, Leeds Carnegie and finishing up at Sale Sharks, has now been told that he needs to leave the UK by the end of the month due to his forced retirement from Sale Sharks which naturally terminates his contract with Sale Sharks which causes his Sports Person visa to expire.When Hendre Fourie arrived in 2005 eight years ago, he was on a two year working holiday visa whilst playing for Rotherham Titans, this was then switched to an international graduate visa when studying for a teaching degree. Upon moving to play for Leeds Carnegie in 2010, his visa was changed to a tier-one highly skilled visa and allowed for England selection due to residency laws. Whilst at Sale Sharks he was on a Sports Person visa and within the next two years would have been entitled to permanent residency in the UK. So close yet so far.I don't know about you but I find it absolute bullshit that a person who has represented England at an international level, putting his body on the line for England, the injuries sustained were caused during his time representing England and English Premiership Rugby is now been told, we have no use for you anymore, so get out. The fact that he has been studying to become a teacher shows moral standing in the community since at the end of the day, he will be a servant to the public, again doing his part to develop in England in a positive way, but due to a technicality he and his family (South African wife and English born son) are being forced out yet the English government will still allow terrorists and hate preachers such as Abu Qatada to stay in the UK costing tax payers thousands of pounds on a daily basis... Hendre Fourie has been a UK tax payer had no recourse to public funds during his time in the UK. It just goes to show what an utter embarrassment the state of UK government affairs is in where they won't allow a person who deserves to stay in the UK but continue to protect those who should have been kicked out years ago because the only contribute a negative effect to the country... absolutely shocking and down right retarded!If anything the UK should have a moral obligation to allow Hendre Fourie to remain in the UK due to his contribution and the fact that at the end of the day, his forced retirement due to injuries was caused from his contribution to the UK. Can you imagine the outcry of a South African in the British Army becoming disabled in the line of duty in Afghanistan being kicked out of the UK?... its more or less the same thing at the end of the day.With this, something needs to be done to help support Hendre Fourie's right to remain the UK, last night past and present Rugby players launched a campaign with two hash tags on Twitter, #FourieToStay #SaveShrek which did get trending in the UK at some point but since dropped off the list. The cause was great but as with most hash tags, here now, forgotten tomorrow, with no way of keeping focus on the issue. Now take it from the guy who pulled a boat load of 85 000 Rugby Fans together with a petitiion on Facebook which successfully forced Bryce Lawrence to retire from reffing, I have launched a campaign starting with a facebook page called, Support Hendre Fourie, Former England Rugby Player To Stay In The UK, I'm urging the Rugby community to come together and join the page. The reason for this is that a petition will be formalised on the UK Government ePetition website to allow Hendre Fourie to remain in the UK. If just 100 000 signatures (just a little more people that can fill Twickenham Stadium on any given Saturday) are added to the petition, it will be considered for debate in the House Of Commons. The Facebook page will help keep focus on the campaign and provide updates aswell as the link for supporters of Hendre Fourie to sign the ePetition. So in the mean time, please add yourself to the Support Page and lets make this happen! trust me, its not difficult and extremely possible, it will only take a second of your time. Rugby clubs, please distribute to your followers on Facebook and Twitter and lets do this for a worthy cause, above all, I think English Rugby owes Hendre this much, so lets do it! It's possible!Here's the link to the page, Support Hendre Fourie, Former England Rugby Player To Stay In The UK ,go now, Like the page and lets get this worthy campaign on the road!Challenge Accepted!

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