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The New Springbok Supporters Club UK is a Winner!

If you are a South African living in the UK or Europe for that matter then you may want to take the phone off the hook as this is going to be an important announcement..

Just recently something dramatic occured which will effect just about every  Springbok Supporter in the UK and the rest of Europe, something that separates the everyday supporter, from the true supporter… this my friends, was the launch of the all singing, all dancing, brand spanking new , and from what I've seen it looks to be massive.

Personally when I first came to the UK, myself and The Ballie became members of the old supporters club which to be honest, wasn't all that great which eventually fizzled out some time ago, but this is where things are now different. With full backing and for the first time ever, the Springbok Supporters Club will be run by the club members like a true members club where being a member of the New Springbok Supporters Club offers great benefits when you take a look at the membership packages, something that would be highly beneficial considering the Bok tour coming up shortly.

Check out the new Springbok Supporters Club website to:

Find more about SSC events in the UK

Keep up to date with the latest Springbok news, and interviews

It contains information about for the European Springbok

Allows you the opportunity to have your say on the Forum

Buy your Springbok (from 1 October) which I'm personally looking forward to.

Get your travel money and send money back home (from November 2010)

Buy the tastiest biltong, the widest range of South African wine and all South African foods (from 1 October)

So pull in to www.springboksupporter.co.uk and have a look for yourself cause the new membership packages are seriously worth it BIGTIME!… note that you get a Springbok Jersey with a Gold Membership… just saying 🙂
Check out the video below as you could be handing a leave form to your boss with a massive smile on your face ekse 🙂

I hope you are getting ready for Springbok games at , etc.  coming up soon!

Btw, if you need directions, ask The Ballie… 🙂


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