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The Saracens Big 5 Rugby Deal!

If you follow English Premiership Rugby and The Saracens then you're definitely gonna wanna get your hands on one of these bad boys, but if you don't follow it yet, then now would be a good time to get into the mix!

If you're not up to speed yet, The Saracens are a rugby side that play in the English Premiership.
Now I know you're probably asking yourself, this is PharSide, Wildly South African to the core that supports South African rugby, why would you want to support an English Premiership side? Well that's just the thing, if you're looking for an English Premiership side that has a strong South African standard of Rugby, then The Saracens is pretty much exactly what you're looking for since the squad contains more South Africans than any other English side, and I don't just mean a few, I mean a whole bunch, not to mention the strong South African presence in the club's management. So if you're a Saffa in the UK and unless you already have a bigtime strong allegiance with another side or have another blerrie good excuse, there's pretty much no reason why you shouldn't adopt The Saracens as your side to support over here. I would just like to point at the fact that one of my boys that played for The Sharks, Deon Carstens is now playing for the Saracens. So instead of twiddling your thumbs waiting for the next SA Rugby season to start, get in on the action and start supporting the Saracens, and what better way to kick that off with this schweet little deal I'm about to tell you about...

The Saracen's have come up with what they call the Big 5 Game Package for all you awesome PharSiders, which is quite simply a one price package deal for 5 of their biggest games of the season, at either the monstrous Wembley Stadium or Vicarage Road.

These 5 Games are spread out over the 2010/11 season which will provide great entertainment at exceptional value which includes the following games:

1. Saracens vs Leicester Tigers - 3rd October 2010 at Vicarage Road
2. Saracens vs Leinster - 16th October 2010 at Wembley Stadium
3. Saracens vs Wasps - 26th December 2010 at Wembley Stadium
4. Saracens vs Bath - 3rd April 2011 at Vicarage Road
5. Saracens vs Gloucester - 23rd April 2011 at Vicarage Road

This entire package with tickets to every one of these 5 games costs from only £59 for Adults and £19 for kids which is a little more than just a tenner per game to watch The Saracens play five of the other biggest sides in the premiership.

This deal is only available until the 20th September 2010 which means its not around for long, so If you're keen then give them a call on 01727 792800 and tjoon them I sent you.

To get to the games:

Wembley Stadium: If you don't know where this is then you probably shouldn't be leaving the house unsupervised but its on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines.

Vicarage Road: From Euston by train or Baker Street by tube

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