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The Springboks Get To Meet The Queen [watch]

A number of Springboks and coaching staff cracked the nod for a reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by none other than her Majesty The Queen of England herself... One appeared to be rather amused, the Queen was also pretty stoked to have the boys around at her crib too...

 HarryRugbyAddressAs Prince Harry addressed the congregation, he said "It has been one of the most competitive and entertaining World Cups ever... This evening, we would like to thank all of you for making England 2015 such a successful and enjoyable tournament for everybody...You are helping inspire children of all backgrounds to get involved with the game, the game we all love." Is it just me or do some of the okes standing behind Harry look like they're kaking themselves a bit? Like they're standing there like stoute kabouters and Harry is about to make an example of them or something?Anyway, Springbok Bryan Habana got on to the royal selfie cam, (yes, can you believe it, they have a Royal Selfie Cam... don't knock it, you know deep down inside you want to be on the Royal Selfie Cam haha) Check out Bryan's debut Royal Selfie Cam Sesh...nice one Bryan Victor Matfield aka One, said it was fantastic to be inside the palace. "I've been here a few times, but outside the gate, taking pics of the guards outside the gate," he said. "Being in here is just fantastic. I met the queen quickly, had a nice chat with Prince Harry." Here's Vic's debut Royal Selfie Cam in silent movie gif formatfield... so you can get the full effect of waving locks ofcourse... because he's worth it 🙂  Nice one Vic! Check this video provided by Rugby World Cup of the evening over at the Royals.... (Note everyone is pretty stoked to be there and here comes Ritchie McCaw dropping in that its no biggie really, here's been there three times already like...what a lad... nice work Ritchie)Here's a few pics more pics of the evening...

Prince Phillip cracks me up... you can just imagine what his going through his mind glaring at that hairdo 🙂


Heyneke full of smiles... what a legend! Sam Warburton seems to be bracing himself for the encounter 🙂


Heyneke still smiling, juslike he looks stoked to be there... absolute legend

Lekker boys! Someday I'll get a little invitation to join the Royal for some champers... watch haha 🙂 any looks like you had a jol, now its back to work, we've got a Rugby World Cup to win 🙂The Springboks vs Wales Quarter Final match will be at Twickenham Stadium tomorrow.... kick off is at 16:00 UK TIME! .....See you at the stadium!See full fixtures at  http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/fixtures#nearestMatch
Source: www.southafrica.info

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