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The Vodacom Blue Bulls Sing Stand By Me [video]

The Vodacom Blue Bulls stretch their vocal chords with this little number… Stand By Me…

I’m not sure what the background of this is, if they took up a challenge or lost a bet or what, since they appear to want to make it known that they will do anything for their fans… but anyway… The Blue Bulls seem to have felt the urge to record a little change room singalong with Ben.E King’s Stand By Me.

Check this out :)

ha! Francois Hougaard’s little jig there? :)

I guess thats all good and well because one song they won’t be singing at the end of the Super 15 season is… of course…

Queen’s, We Are The Champions

Good luck boys… but there’s a certain song by Three Doors Down that you should start learning in the meantime haha :)

It is however nice to know that they will do anything for their fans… because we all know all too well that Blue Bulls fans will flipping do anything for their team… such as this  (Haibo! in 3…2…1)

Love it or hate it, its all in good spirit and adds to the build up to something that I can’t flipping for it to start… Super 15 2013! BOOM!

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