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This Is The New Springbok Jersey For 2014

SARU have now revealed the new Springbok Rugby jersey for 2014... what do you think?

Well let me cut to the chase... here we have model, Jean De Villiers in this latest little showstopper number by SARU/ASICS for their 2014 Winter Collection...BokJersey2014 The new official technical kit sponsors, ASICS (previously Canterbury) have presented a newly manufactured "cutting edge" Springbok jersey for use as of the June games against Wales

Jurie Roux, CEO of the South African Rugby Union (Saru), said at the event in Cape Town on Thursday evening

“Ever since we’ve announced our sponsorship with ASICS last August, excitement has been building towards the big reveal of the new Springbok jersey...apart from the technological advances we’ve seen in the manufacture of this new jersey, the designers at ASICS have done a superb job in ensuring the honour, heritage and tradition associated with the Springboks’ traditional green and gold have remained intact.”

Now I kinda see where they are going with this whole heritage and tradition thing... but lets take a look at what new bells and whistles is equipped with apart from the go faster stripes.

According to Florence Ainsworth, Apparel Product head honcho for ASICS EMEA...

“The new jerseys are made with ‘motion dry’ technology which allows the players to wear the item tight fitted while allowing for maximum natural freedom of movement and temperature management... The seams are reinforced to mitigate tear risk and the jerseys use ‘gripper’ technology in the chest area to enable players to get a better hold of the ball. It’s also inside the jerseys along the hem to prevent the shirt from moving while the players are running."

Ok so back to the look of that new jersey...I think its ok, I mean, I don't think its in any way terrible. The whole heritage vibe is obviously the thick collar and the "go faster stripes" around the sleeve which in the old days would have been the golden cuff on a long sleeve jersey but when I looked at it, I just felt that something was missing...  So I took to the interweb in search of jerseys from previous years....

Lets take a look...

Here is the jersey from 2008-2009...  similar to the RWC 2007 jersey but not entirely the same


Now this is the 2012 jersey


And then the 2013 jersey


Now without trying to sound like one of those fashionista idiots... notice when you have a bold golden collar... that little white bit in the collar breaks it nicely... whereas in 2013, because the actual collar was green, I personally didn't even notice the little white bit was missing.

So to me, thats the little bit that feels like its missing.

Now I did find the jersey that I think they were replicating in this case....strange to not even see the white collar reinforcement that you see in most old school jerseys, in this one...


So.... what do you think? Do you agree? disagree? do you hate it or do you schmaak it stukkend? Tjoon in the comments below...

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