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Wanna watch Super 14 rugby games live? PharSide is your friend…

If you are sitting here in London or just about anywhere else in the world besides South Africa, chances are you've probably resigned yourself to the fact that you won't be able to see your favourite SA rugby team smash their opponents on the field, just like The Sharks owned The Stormers on Saturday (such bliss) because its not been shown on Sky or other sports channels where ever you are... Do not fear, with a bit of determination and a bit of "IT is my life" knowledge, help is close at hand.

Their are absolute saints out there in places like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand that seem to feel sorry for us, they go out of their way to hook up their TV's to their computers and broadcast live feeds to the multitudes of live broadcast websites available today for our viewing pleasure. You may have known this for a while now but guaranteed every Saturday afternoon there you are frantically scurrying through the net trying to find an available live feed that is showing your game. Trust me I know this because without fail every weekend a Sharks game is on, I'll get a call from my ballie stressing as if it was a life or death situation because he can't find a link for a feed. And so, to make life alot easier for him, myself and pretty much all of you, I have created a page right here on PharSide which not only has a usually reliable feed, but also a list of feeds for just about any game being played that day which updates automatically with links to available feeds.

This should be the only place you'll ever need to look from now on because if its not on the list then you probably won't find it anywhere else. To find the page, just look in the menu on the left "Watch Live Rugby" or click here. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can always go back to it quickly when you need to.

One thing to note is that I have no control over the feeds, so don't vloek me when connection is lost for whatever reason, unfortunately this does happen from time to time but I guess thats life.


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