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Don from https://twitter.com/Blokesonacouch
Don from https://twitter.com/Blokesonacouch

This Is What Happens When You Stand Up To Racism In South Africa

During the HSBC Cape Town Sevens Rugby event over the weekend, South African fan, Don Johnstone was severely beaten after standing up to racism and racist remarks by a member in the crowd... this is what happened.

It is said that during the Blitzbokke vs Kenya game, a member in the crowd started hurling racist abusing remarks directed at the South African Wing, Seabelo Senatla, referring to him as a "Baboon" after he dropped the ball, something that actually occurs quite often during a game of Rugby... Our man, and now receiver of Legend status, Don confronted this parasite to society that those remarks were racist and there was no room for that kind of behaviour.As if typically this toppie and his son threw their weight around like breekers and challenged Don to step out outside, to which he seemingly laughed it off as a waste of time, which seemed to be the end of it... so he thought...However at the end of the game, the party of these two parasites deliberately pushed past Don (I'm guessing they made a point to push passed him in his row), however, he stood his ground and this is when the fight broke out which unfortunately result of which can be seen in the pics.“After the fight was broken up, they left and I asked the steward why he was allowed to leave after he assaulted me, but there was no answer,” Don told TheSouthAfrican.com“The police arrived about 20 minutes later after the racists had left, but we went to the charge office to make a statement. Then I went to go watch the rest of the rugby with one eye.”Don, well-done bru, sadly not enough people in this world would do what you did, I'm sure the sense of righteousness and doing the right you must feel far outweighs the pain of those shiners.... you're a flippen hero my bru!Now I'm gonna say something since other publications don't seem to add but I feel it needs to be said, and I ask that if you agree to please share this article so that the message gets across.Those are exactly the kind of racist remarks that contribute to getting farmers killed in South Africa... when people shout their mouths off like that do they think everyone around them is deaf and that it doesn't affect people? Those around may not say anything, but the fact is it fuels a fire of racial hate and stereotype in people's minds.... Not Don, he stated a fact.To those okes who did this, you dumb f*cking sh*ts, its people like you that create and fuel the stereotype that all Afrikaaners are racists, which sadly results a lot a vile hate for Afrikaners and farmers, in particular... bravo, well done you useless f*cking c*nts, you are doing it to your own people, how stupid are you? Just like those idiots who flew the old South African flag at Twickenham, for the whole of SA to see on TV... but its ok and a big joke to them because it doesn't affect them personally does it? no...you may think you clever, but clearly you are pretty damn dof.There is no excuse for racism, no ifs, no buts, no "but they's" no... nothing...such remarks will only create more of problem because it doesn't take rocket science to realise that if you hurl hateful abuse at someone, they aren't going to feel very happy about it are they? and if they feel they can't get back at you personally because you're with all your chommies, that hate will only fester and continue to grow until they probably take it out on a someone else who's more vulnerable, like other innocent people.... ie. innocent farmers, young women, elderly people... this list goes on and on..Share if you agreeUPDATE:Thank's to all that have commented on this today both here and on Facebook, I won't lie, it's been somewhat interesting to see that a small percentage of those who read it (this post reached 22 000 people today) have grossly and completely misinterpreted the entire post, it seems like people stopped at a certain line then only commented based just on that. Its been quite something to observe and somewhat surprising. I can only put it down to English being a tweede taal so it can, for the most part, be excused for those people not seeing exactly what was being said, maybe if they took the time to read more carefully and make sure they fully understood correctly, they may actually find a few interesting points of the article, (and if you don't agree with these points, read the post again and hopefully you will see)
  1. The post sticks up and supports the majority of Afrikaans people and is also supports farmers.
  2. The post gives kak to a small minority of people that give the majority of Afrikaans people a bad name (this is supportive of Afrikaans people in general)
  3. There is nowhere that any justification for farm deaths being made, it would be ludicrous to even suggest such a thing and by no means states that this is the only reason why farmers are murdered in South Africa.
  4. For many it seems to call a black person a baboon in South Africa may be acceptable, but even if that is removed (since it can be a variable in some people's eyes) still the general conclusion of the post is that racism does fuel racial violence from all directions, and in many cases can contribute and can result in innocent people getting hurt or killed, ie. farmers, young women, elderly people, victims of violent home invasions etc etc, which can only be true, because if it was not true, you would be agreeing that racism and racial hate has absolutely nothing to do with all forms of racial violence in South Africa...
So I hope that makes a bit more sense for people...you may realise unless you are a racist yourself, I'm actually on your side supporting the victims of farm murders in this case. The question I've got to ask myself, though... Is this why farm murders do not get enough support in South Africa? since you always hear people saying there is not enough support. Is it a case such as this, when people do try show support for the majority of Afrikaans people (Afrikaaners) and farmers, that they get misinterpreted and never want to show any support again, because of the kak storm it seems to create from the very people you are actually trying to support because they didn't understand what the person was saying in the first place?

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