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Have You Met My Friend Jib Jib?

You may have noticed a new cat on the PharSide block, sneaking in a few posts here and there.... just who the hell is Jib Jib?

A few months ago, there was an underlying reason why I made the trek to SA, this wasn't just for a holiday, I was on a search, searching back alleys and dark messy clubs and bars, searching for a man I'd heard what some would call, "The Oracle Of Rugby". A man not known to many on the outside world. Some say his dwelling consists of a lazyboy, a 50" Plasma, a DSTV decoder with a cable leading out the window to a satellite dish mounted to the wall outside, oh and a small table next to the lazy boy to rest his beer on. It took me eight days, but out of nowhere, I caught a glimpse of "The One" in the hazy mixture of artificial smoke and disco lights in a dark Durban Nightclub, he must have seen me see him cause he tried to make a run for it, but I managed to corner him, this is where the begging began... on my part.

You see, Jib Jib eats, sleeps and quite literally breathes Rugby, a little while ago I knew I wanted someone to be the Rugby World Cup correspondent for PharSide, I wasn't going to get some recycled information spewing person who always wants to play Mr. Nice Guy trying to make everyone happy. I wanted someone raw, someone original, someone who doesn't give a shit about what you and the rest of your chommies think, but by the end of it, you will agree with him. Do you know why ref's wear ear pieces? because they take advice from Jib when they are unsure 🙂 He says it like it is, and JIb Jib is all off that, after all, this is a guy from Durban, who has a season ticket for Kings Park but, much to my disgust, DOES NOT support The Sharks... yet amazingly enough he has a very convincing and  valid reason not to... and if you really wanna know, he's a Cheetah's supporter... ja! can you handle?

So after a lot of begging and pleading, he finally caved, but there was a price to pay... a "small" task I needed to complete...

Let me illustrate...

Yes, that's me drinking out of his shoe... after he'd worn it to the rugby that afternoon 🙂

You see what I do to only get you the best! 

Don't worry... It's a Pinetown thing 🙂

Here's a video of my brother-in -law to be, Waine, drinking out of my shoe at his Bulls Party hahaha 🙂 shame 🙂

Lets all give Jib Jib a warm welcome to the wolf pack... of one 🙂

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