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The Other Hand With Jib – Week Two of The Rugby World Cup 2011

After a manic weekend of nail biting World Cup Rugby... We go over to the other hand with Jib

What a weekend of rugby!  There are a few top tier teams licking their wounds and counting their lucky stars this Monday morning. As the once minnows aka exwhipping boys of the tournament, showed that the sport has truly going professional and global.  Can you not tell me you were on the edge of your seat as the Romanian pack pushed over Scotland’s pack to take them into the lead by 4 points with 10mins to go.  Sadly they could not hold, but this shows how the game is growing. 

And you got to give credit where it is due, Wales played an outstanding tactical game of rugby, hitting us in our weak spots and exposing us all over the park hectically. They will be sitting today still wondering how they lost that game and our boys will be wondering how we managed to win it with only 40% possession and double the tackle count to theirs.  When I was watching the game I had a sickening feeling of deja vu. It reminded me of the Aussie side in 1995, they had world class players across the park but none were in their prime any more , just one second off the pace of the game, holding on to the dream but their legs not backing them up. Let’s hope this feeling is incorrect and we have come into the tournament a little undercooked and plan to pick up momentum in the coming weeks.

Now for the fun part prediction time, 8 out  8 last week is a good start let’s see if the roll can keep going.

Samoa vs Namibia

Samoa 23 pts

Samoa looks like a top side this year and will be eager to send out a statement to Wales for their match on Sunday. Namibia will be play with all the heart and soul but I feel that their tank might be a little empty and Samoa will runaway with it.

Tonga vs Canada

Canada by 2

Tonga impressed me on Friday, they really stuck to the plan with New Zealand and in the 2nd half their wasn't much between the sides. But Canada are fresh and have not played yet, while Tonga have only had 4 days rest, this should be a factor and help Canada to sneak it. 

Scotland vs Georgia

Scotland 18pts

Scotland had a scare against Romania and cannot be nearly as bad as they were on Saturday. They have made a few changes to the lineup and look much stronger for it which will be too much for Georgia.

Russia Vs USA

USA 6 pts

The Cold War will erupt for just 80mins. USA impressed us against Ireland, showed they have grown as a team and have some top class players in their ranks. I feel they will have enough skill and class to get passed Russia.

 NZL Vs Japan

NZL 41 pts

Japan really put France to the sword and kept coming at them never giving in, but New Zealand will have their starting lineup out for this one, which they'll will want to prove a point. Lets be realistic, New Zealand will win this one easily.

Argentina vs Romania

Argentina 3 pts

Argentina were unlucky against England but have picked up a few injuries which is a cause for concern, but Romania did impress against Scotland. Could this be the first big upset against the 1st tier countries??? I think Argentina will sneak it, but by a small margin.

Springboks vs Fiji

Springboks 18pts

Springboks cannot play as badly as they did 2 games in a row, they can only improve.  If we kick the ball down into the throats of Fijian back three, we will be in serious trouble.  Let’s hope we have learnt from the last time we played and keep it tight.

Australia vs Ireland

 Ireland have carried on their poor form from the lead up to the World Cup, and it doesn't look like it will change in a hurry. Australia are a solid side, and if their back line get any decent ball, it will be game over for the Irish

Wales vs Samoa 

The big question now is can the young Welsh side pick themselves up from there last defeat. My gut feel says no. Samoa has my vote on this one.

England vs Georgia

England 22 pts

England should win this one comfortable, Johnny can have 2 off days with the boot. It will be the Georgia 2nd game in five days which will be a big task for them.

France vs Canada

France 19pts

You never quite know with the French, they have made 9 changes to the side and I do believe it will be a better outing for them. 

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