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Update On The Stop Bryce Lawrence Petition

An update on the "Petition To Stop Bryce Lawrence Ever Reffing A Rugby Game Again", things are starting to happen!

The Rugby World Cup 2011 has drawn to a close and congratulations to the winners, New Zealand for clinching the title of Rugby World Cup Champions for the next four years. After patiently waiting for the dust to settle and for the IRB to get back into business as usual mode, the petition to stop Bryce Lawrence from reffing a game of Rugby again has now been submitted to the International Rugby Board for their perusal in order to get their full attention. During this time, I managed to obtain the contact details of the IRB Chairman, Mr. Bernard Lapasset himself, and submitted the petition for his direct attention. We shall now wait for a response from Mr. Lapasset on the matter.

The petition has grown to a whopping 84 000 supporters across the globe and I wish to thank each and every single person who has added themselves and made a stand for the fairness of the game. Your support is greatly appreciated, together we have managed to cause the biggest Ref uproar in Rugby history and our voices have been heard all over the world's media. We have shown the pessimists that together along with the power of social media, a unified voice can cause a massive shove which echoes itself around the world. I feel proud of what we have achieved this far and I hope that each and every one of you feel just as proud.We have shown that together we will make a stand for the integrity of our sport and not let it fall into the pit that other sports have fallen.

Because of this, I'd like to extend a virtual handshake to each and everyone of you that has supported this campaign and say "Well played!"

During the time following the World Cup, rumours from apparent credible sources have emerged that Bryce Lawrence may be relieved of his duties, however the official message from the IRB so far is that Bryce Lawrence is being "rested" for the time being as he has not been appointed for any Six Nations matches. This goes to show the impact that the petition may have made on IRB's decisions so far.

Well done all, now we await the response, keep an eye on PharSide for updates.

If you haven't read the story and purpose behind the petition, make sure you have read it here

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