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WATCH: Michael Phelps Putts Longest Ever Televised Putt… At 48.5m

GOLFER BONER ALERT: Michael Phelps manages to sink a putt from 48.5m away, setting the record for longest ever televised putt...

Oscar Pistorius mentioned this in his interview with Jay Leno, so I decided to find the video. Now not been much of a golfer myself since I'm utterly useless... even I found this pretty frickin astonishing, you'd almost say there was some cgi magic involved here, but there wasn't...Michael Phelps, better known for his multitude of Olympic Gold Medals in swimming, you know, the guy that Chad Le Clos beat at London 2012 🙂 was playing in the Pro-Am Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrew’s, in Scotland last Friday. Whilst putting on the sixth hole on the Kingbarns course, the 24 handicap swimmer potted a long putt, 48.5m from the hole, and true's bob, it went in...Don't believe me... take a look at this...Pretty impressive, not something I think I'll ever do in my lifetime... you'll have to get me on a golf course first 🙂Believe it or not, the previous record was held by  TV and Radio legend, Terry Wogan set in 1981 with a shot that was 18m shorter than Phelps' putt at Gleneagles.

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