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Your Weekend Instructions

Fried Day

Well well well… it's Friday afternoon, you're slouched across your desk itching to the leave the office… but what to do this weekend in London? He's a tasty little menu to make sure its not the slightest bit boring Friday: ...

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The “Injustice” of Bar Sia in Wimbledon


If you live in or around Wimbledon, chances are you may have already heard that Bar Sia has been shut until further notice following a drug raid on Friday night which was so incorrectly reported in the Wimbledon Guardian that ...

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Happy New Year 2011!


So the silly season has finally come to an end… geeez thank goodness! It did go out with a bit of a bang though… if you were out at The Slug or Bar Sia in Wimbledon on Sunday night, you'll ...

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New Years Eve In Wimbledon Is Going To Be A Cracker!


Well well well… it looks to me that New Years Eve in Wimbledon this year is going to be like no other, with many different choices of a jol, it might be a little difficult to decide, but one thing ...

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Bar Sia is Offering a Killer Special At The Moment!

£2 drink offer at bar sia

Check out this ridiculous special that one of my favourite jols, Bar Sia in Wimbledon are offering at the moment… £2 for any drink (excl. Champagne & Cocktails) EVERYDAY between 5pm and 10pm…  Yes, that means you can walk up ...

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PharSide gets a new HQ… WOOT! WOOT! :)

SABC Test Pattern

You may have noticed I've been just a touch slow on posts this week… well here's why…. Myself and the Jen decided that it would be in our best interests to upgrade to a new dashing HQ. After a brief ...

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Dwayno and Julz do the 10k Sport Relief…. HANGING!

Dwayno and Julz - Sports Relief

They say us Saffa's like to believe we're invincible (especially after a few Klippies) so we put it to the test… we rounded up two guinea pigs, and who better to use than my good friends, Dwayno and Julz… it ...

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New Years Eve at Bar Sia


Still deciding what to do for New Years Eve in London? There's a massive jol going on at Marky Mark's bar of choice, Bar Sia are bringing you Glitz & Glamour, hosted by the Fernando Brothers and guests bouncing the ...

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Pamela Anderson and Vivienne Westwood get to meet Marky Mark

Vivienne Westwood Marky Mark and Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Vivienne Westwood were out on the razzle in Wimbledon on Monday night and lucky for them they got to meet yours truely You may remember in one of my previous posts on Pammy, I did mention that ...

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Pamela Anderson can be my genie ANYDAY!

Pamela Anderson as the Genie in Aladdin

Pamela Anderson performs as the Genie in Aladdin at Wimbledon Theatre which turns out to be an awesome show and I got to see it… YAY! Myself, The Phreak and Waine took a stroll a few doors down to Wimbledon ...

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