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Bulgarian Opposition Leader Very Narrowly Escapes Assassination Attempt [video]

Assination Attempt

This is flipping hectic! An attacker attempts to shoot Bulgarian Opposition leader, Ahmet Dogan in the face at point blank range, all caught on camera… The leader of Bulgaria‘s opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Ahmet Dogan, escaped an assassination ...

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London Metro Newspaper Spell Madiba’s Name Wrong!


Did you notice this in the Metro this morning? The London Metro Newspaper spelt Nelson Mandela's name wrong… In big bold letters… FAIL! I don't normally pick up a Metro these days because I roll with my iPad 3, which ...

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Comrades Marathon 2012 Winner Bust For Doping


2012 Comrades Marathon winner, South African Ludwick Mamabolo has failed a drug test following his win according to the South African Institute For Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS)… On the 3rd June 2012, 35 year old Ludwick Mamabolo became the first South African ...

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FAIL: BBC News Accidentally Uses “Halo” Logo Instead Of The United Nations Emblem

The BBC make a bit of a cock up in a news bulletin where they mistakingly used an emblem from the video game "Halo" instead of the emblem for the United Nations Security Council… During a BBC News Bulletin covering ...

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Cape Town Beach Advertised As A Beach… In France…

Cape Town Beach France

A massive advertising error was spotted on London Underground where an advert advertising tourism depicting a beach scene in Northern France was in fact a photo of a beach in Cape Town… Llandudno to be precise…and who do you think spotted ...

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Nando’s In Canary Wharf… Shocking Discovery!


Nando's in Canary Wharf fails badly on three strikes on one simple order, and the manager does a fine job at showing just how cared she is… have a listen to this one… How hard is it to get decent ...

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Game Trolley Chick Fail [video]


Joburg chick tries to ride a Game trolley, becomes super girl for just a moment and then… BAM! I saw this video when it came out a few months back but because I was slacking off a bit, it never ...

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Chick Discovers “Diamonds” Live on TV


What is this, Live TV FAIL week or what!?! Check how this chick digs for diamonds during a live news broadcast… Just a few days ago we witnessed what was probably the worst fail in live television history and now ...

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Fork-Lift Driver Brings Down The House

A Russian Fork-lift driver loses control and crashes into shelving and brings down the entire warehouse… hectic FAIL! An accident occured in a booze warehouse in Moscow which stocked bottles of Vodka and Cognac last week. As you will see, ...

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