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Jozi Shore – “50 Shades of Ghey” [Video]


Anton and Matt make a mission to EFC Africa, inspiring Anton to teach his cousin how to fight. The boys go on a pilgrimage back to their father city, Jozi, in search for the ultimate party… There just no burger ...

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Drive Thru Skeleton Prank..Hilarious [video]

2013-10-03 01:08:17 +00001

Check how this skeleton driver pranks scares drive-thru employees like crazy.. Magic Of Rahat as he calls himself on his channel, is quite well known on YouTube for his Headless driver pranks that he pulls on Drive Thru Employees amongst ...

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BatDad is BOSS!


If you haven’t seen him yet, its about time you met BatDad…this guy has a somewhat unique parenting technique that is all sorts of hilarious… BatDad takes being a father to another level in a very unique kind of way…by ...

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Is This The Funniest Cat Video You’ll Ever See? [video]

Shocked cat

We’ve all seen some pretty funny cat videos over the years, but is this the funniest cat video on the internet at this very moment?… I was watching some random videos on Facebook the other night and then I got ...

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Oscar And The Oscars

Oscar MNET

Oscar Pistorious stars in this brilliant, proper South African ad for MNET Movies… MNET recently did an ad for MNET Movies and what appears to be coverage of the Academy Awards Ceremony, aka The Oscars… and who better to get ...

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Woman Has A Little Too Much Fun With Face Warp [video]


This will honestly have you in stitches… this woman has a little too much with her face warp app… This honestly made my day… remember the previous post of Justin Woods with Valencia… well my mate Rachel posted this on ...

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Valencia Meets An Apple Mac [video]

Valencia Discovers Apple Mac

Valencia is somewhat amused by the distorting app on the webcam…you will laugh your head off at this… even just with the audio… yoh yoh yoh yoh! A dude by the name of Justin Woods, shows his maid Valencia, some ...

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Is This The Best Prank In History? Scary Ghost Elevator Prank… [video]


We’ve all seen some good pranks, and we’ve all seen some lame pranks, but this Evil Scary Ghost Elevator prank is quite possibly the best prank ever performed… and you’ll see just why… DO NOT TAKE A SIP OF YOUR ...

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Hitching A Ride… SA Style… Number 2

Hitching A Ride SA Style

You know its been a while since we’ve had an Only In SA” chuckle on PharSide… and then in one day I spot not one, but two instances of the phenomenon… Yesterday, my friend Melody was driving near Killarney Gardens in ...

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Barry Hilton Is Coming To London In July!… WIN Tickets Now!


Barry Hilton, South Africa's favourite cousin and Stand Up comedian, will be performing his "Stand Up Chameleon" show as part of an EU tour in Amsterdam, Bournemouth and London.  Barry Hilton 2012 EU Tour: 10 July 2012 AMSTERDAM  @ The ...

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