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Why You Should Think Twice About Posting Your Phone Number In Public Places


Here’s just a few hilarious reasons why you should maybe think twice about posting your mobile number on posters and adverts… These are some of the most hilarious TXT/SMS pranks you will ever see…. EVER! Warning! Not advisable to read ...

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BatDad is BOSS!


If you haven’t seen him yet, its about time you met BatDad…this guy has a somewhat unique parenting technique that is all sorts of hilarious… BatDad takes being a father to another level in a very unique kind of way…by ...

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The Rugby Panel #19 – Desperate Times


Check out this weeks hilarious Rugby Panel kindly brought to you courtesy of Ballz Radio After my recent trip to South Africa and another awesome visit to my friends over at Ballz Radio (and finally meeting the hotness that is ...

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Valencia Meets An Apple Mac [video]

Valencia Discovers Apple Mac

Valencia is somewhat amused by the distorting app on the webcam…you will laugh your head off at this… even just with the audio… yoh yoh yoh yoh! A dude by the name of Justin Woods, shows his maid Valencia, some ...

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Is This The Best Prank In History? Scary Ghost Elevator Prank… [video]


We’ve all seen some good pranks, and we’ve all seen some lame pranks, but this Evil Scary Ghost Elevator prank is quite possibly the best prank ever performed… and you’ll see just why… DO NOT TAKE A SIP OF YOUR ...

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Thriller Cat… Prepare To Piss Yourself Laughing!

I'm literally wiping away the tears while I type this after watching "Thriller Cat" for about the 20th consecutive time, and still I'm bursting into sudden fits of laughter because this is unbelievably hilarious I was surfing through Youtube vids ...

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