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Why You Should Never Say Never Without Touching Wood [Video]


Regardless if you’re superstitious or not, you’ll most likely find this little clip of Julius Malema in his more, how could we say…not so lekker Julius Malema days…ie. his ANC Youth League days I guess he didn’t touch wood when ...

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Nando’s: Juju, You’ve Been Served


I bet the gang over at Black River FC and Nando's were smiling from ear to ear last night when news of Julius Malema's expulsion from the ANC was announced… Naturally they've added their two cents with this ad that ...

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Juju, You Are The Weakest Link…. Good Bye


The NDC has spoken… It's time for Julius Malema to go…Julius Malema has been expelled from the ANC… that is the news swooping across South Africa at the moment The NDC (National Disciplinary Council) of the ANC has decided to expel ...

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Nando’s Takes A Pop At Juju Over The Verdict

Nandos Juju

Following the verdict with ANCYL President  Julius Malema being suspended from the ANCYL for the next 5 Years and 3 years suspension for his ankle biting side kick ANCYL Spokesman Floyd Shivambu… Nando's are once again hot on the case with ...

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I Don’t Think Bono Is A Poes


There's been a huge amount of comments flying around regarding Bono "supporting" Kill The Boer and "supporting Julius Malema since Sunday morning… but here's why I don't think U2's Bono is a poes…. anymore… It was midday Sunday and the ...

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Nando’s does it again with a little pop at Jackie Selebi

Nandos Jackie Selebi

Our boys at Nando's  don't seem to ever fail with finding humour in any situation, as ex-police big cheese Jackie Selebi has found out recently… Incase you're a little behind with you're South African News, Ex-Top Kerel, Jackie Selebi was ...

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Julius Malema Digs PharSide.co.uk… Fact!

PharSide JuJu Outlined

He even posted his PharSide Nando's article on his own personal website would you believe it… true's bob. On Friday afternoon and I was checking out my daily traffic stats, you know, where it tells how many awesome people such ...

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Nando’s Owns Julius Malema Once Again

Nando's Kill The Hunger Kill The Anger

Nando's owns Julius Malema aka JuJu yet again, and this time they've picked something that seems very close to JuJu's heart… I'll say this again, you've gotta hand it to that bunch of genius' that are the Nando's Marketing Team. ...

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ZA News – Weekend Edition 19/12/2009

Love it!

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ZA News – 5th December 2009

The highs and lows of ZA News last week focusing mainly on the World Cup Draw

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