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South Africa Lifts Ban On Rhino Horn Trade

White Rhino Horn

BREAKING NEWS: A South African court has ruled that from today the 2009 ban on Rhino horn has been lift… yes, that means it is now legal to trade in Rhino horn in South Africa… oh dear… This morning in ...

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Stand With Stan – Freddie Gets New Legs

Freddie Ganyaupfu

Freddie lost his legs from a horrific accident in his home when he was just two years old…but thanks to Stand With Stan, life just got a whole lot better…Brand spanking new legs! What happened to Freddie’s legs? When you meet ...

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South Africa Will Be Shutting Down Home Affairs…Temporarily

SA Passports

The South African Department of Home Affairs will be shutting down due to necessary upgrades to systems to improve services… make sure you will not be affected with your ID and Passport Applications. The Department of Home Affairs have issued ...

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Enter Durban [video]

Enter Durban Video

Enter Durban – Kierran Allen from Novos Digital Cinema punches us full on in the face once again with this banger of a showcase of one of the greatest cities on earth, in ways that you’ve never seen before… This isn’t the ...

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#BOKAMOSO: Time To Liberate Ourselves From Zuma’s Festering ANC

Bokamoso: Time to liberate ourselves

This week Mmusi Maimane talks some very interesting yet simple plain sense about how former liberation movements such as the ANC, abandon their ideals and what happens from there… The time has come for South Africans to put our country ...

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Jacob Zuma Laughs Through Question Session,As Usual, Hides Behind Madam Speaker


Jacob Zuma dodges the opportunity to publically denounce the purchase of a new luxury presidential jumbo jet for his own personal use at a cost of up to R4 billion. Instead the clown laughed his way through his Q&A sesh while millions of ...

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#BOKAMOSO: President Zuma Has No Respect For Our Democracy

Mmusi Maimane

This week’s Bokamoso, Mmusi Maimane gives a short message on Jacob Zuma’s prioritisation between the ANC and the rest of the citizens of South Africa and more…Mmusi asks you, to have your say… Abraham Lincoln once said: “Nearly all men can ...

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Nando’s Calls Out Jacob Zuma On His New Jet


JZ has been getting a lot of stick on the subject of his R4bn private jumbo jet lately… even the legends at Nando’s South Africa have given their two cents on the matter… standard Well played Nando’s (BR) Well played

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A Puppy On The Brink Of Death Gets Thrown A Lifeline in KZN


A mange covered and extremely malnourished puppy was saved from a dismal death by a legendary couple who spotted him wandering aimlessly on his own in a sugarcane field near Kosi Bay on the North Coast up from Durban… howz this ...

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Jacob Zuma Really Is A Complete Financial Drain On South Africa…And Now Its A Fact

Alec Hogg of Biznews.com recently discovered some very interesting facts about the financial strain that Jacob Zuma imposes on the South African economy… it’s no longer just opinion, Jacob Zuma officially is, the highest paid, worst value for money president on ...

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