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Interview with RWC 2015 Springboks vs Samoa Pitch Invader [video]

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 02.46.55

Marky Warren interviews Pulley, Saturday’s super side stepping security dodging Pitch Invader from the South Africa vs Samoa Rugby World Cup Match at Villa Park While you were exiting the stands at Villa Park on Saturday afternoon after the Springboks epic ...

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Point Break – Trailer [watch]


The first look trailer for the remake of the 90’s Surfing/Sky Diving cult classic, Point Break which originally starred Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze, has been unleashed to the public. It appears to be a bit of an ...

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Is Facebook Video Autoplay Killing Your Data Plan?


Here’s how you can simply turn off the (annoying) Facebook Video auto-playing function that is killing everyone’s mobile data plans, causing unnecessary data costs and surprises on your bill… So some time ago you would have noticed that Facebook videos on the ...

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Today Is Rex Manning Day!


Do you remember seeing the 1995 cult classic, Empire Records that had one of the most awesome soundtracks of soundtracks? then you will sure as hell remember how the movie was centred around Rex Manning Day… well today is Rex ...

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Worst Surfing Collision Ever Caught On Camera [video]

2014-02-07 07:29:24 +00001

Surfer gets smashed by another surfer… all caught on camera by a GoPro.. According to the video description, two beginner surfers collided in what has been dubbed the worst surfing collision ever caught on camera Can any of you surfer ...

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Accident Happens During Interview On Bad State Of Roads [video]

2014-02-07 09:52:35 +00001

Sometimes timing can be everything… as the people involved in this road side interview in South Africa with North West MP’s found out…this is PRICELESS! Following frequent complaints from the people of the North West province in South Africa, about ...

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I AM DURBAN… A Phenomenon Of A Time Lapse [video]


Durban, South Africa like you’ve never seen it before in incredible time lapse footage… We’ve all seen some pretty good time lapse videos over time and they always tend to fascinate. But this absolutely flipping incredible time lapse video will ...

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Drive Thru Skeleton Prank..Hilarious [video]

2013-10-03 01:08:17 +00001

Check how this skeleton driver pranks scares drive-thru employees like crazy.. Magic Of Rahat as he calls himself on his channel, is quite well known on YouTube for his Headless driver pranks that he pulls on Drive Thru Employees amongst ...

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Is This The Best Resignation Video Of 2013?

2013-09-30 23:43:36 +00001

Check how this girl quits her job by making a dance video for her boss… There comes a time when you realise that the 8 hours you’re spending doing your job, is 8 hours that you absolutely hate, and when ...

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Jerm Reads News24 Comments [video]

2013-09-30 23:13:54 +00001

Jerm reads us a few top notch comments posted on News24, wow! there are some real gems out there It appears that  South African Cartoonist, Jerm and I have something in common… let’s just say that when you’re having a ...

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