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The Worst Thing You’ll See Done To A Homeless Person and His Cake [Watch]

Opie and Anthony Homeless Andrew cake

This is possibly the worst thing you’ll see someone do to a homeless person and his cake today, people can be so heartless… So a friend of mine shared a similar version of that video on Facebook last night (although more ...

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Drunk Ranger Charges Elephant Bull Video… Ranger Admits To Idiotic Act


Video of Drunk Game Ranger Charging an Elephant Bull that went viral has put his hand up…. have a listen to this… Ok so a few days ago, the internet was blazing with comments about a video that had made ...

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Retroviral 2012: #WhyWeDoDigital [video]


2012 turned out to be an astonishingly awesome year for my friends over at Retroviral, here’s a brilliant round up of what 2012 was for them… this is pretty damn cool.. Retroviral is a digital communications company based in Johannesburg, ...

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So What’s The Deal With KONY 2012


No doubt if you glanced at Facebook yesterday you would have no doubt seen a multitude of posts regarding KONY 2012, and the likely hood that you've spent the time watching the video by now is extremely high. So whats ...

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Jennifer Aniston Attempts Viral Video… And Succeeds

jennifer-aniston tie

Dubbed The Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape… Jennifer Aniston attempting to create a viral ad video has well, gone viral… A couple days ago, Glaceau launched their Drink Smart Water ad campaign , featuring the likes of ex-Friends star Jennifer Aniston ...

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