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The Long Walk For The J9 Foundation and MND

The time for The Long Walk from Johannesburg to Durban for the J9 Foundation (which was founded by Joost Van Der Westhuizen) and MND Awareness is finally here....I've talked the talk, now to walk the walk...The Long Walk

Following months of training, planning and preparation aswell as the success of the "curtain raiser" Long Walk from Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales to Twickenham Stadium in London, England, which I successfully completed on 28 June 2014 after a 6 day journey covering 232km for the J9 Foundation and Motor Neurone Disease Awareness, in honour of former Rugby players, Joost Van Der Westhuizen, Ryan Walker and Tinus Linee who are currently living with MND...I am now in South Africa for the main event, The Long Walk from Johannesburg to Durban, a journey covering a distance of 624 km over a total of 18 days on the road.The Long Walk is again to raise funds and awareness for the J9 Foundation (Founded by Joost Van Der Westhuizen) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in honour of all those who are affected by MND.The 624 km journey begins at the Ballz Radio Studio in Johannesburg on Mandela Day, this friday 18 July 2014 and ends at LIV Village in Durban on 4 August 2014. The journey itself follows the old road from Johannesburg to Heidelberg on to Villiers, Warden on towards Harrismith, before Harrismith we head towards the northern Drakensberg where I spent many years growing up, on through Bergville, Winterton, Estcourt then on to Mooi River, from Mooi River we head east towards New Hanover/Dalton then continue on through hilly KZN towards the coast ending at LIV Village near Hazelmere Dam and King Shaka International Airport.

You may support The Long Walk for the J9 Foundation and MND Awareness via our donation page here

The Long Walk Route:You may view the Long Walk Route Map Here... each marker indicates the start and end points for each day (Please Note, Ignore Day 1 (A-B) we will be walking from Ballz Radio to Rhapsody's in Centurion on Friday, and there are rest days on G and M)The journey metrics are as follows (Google Map Markers correspond with markers on the Route Map):2014-07-14 19:52:31 +00001How to follow The Long Walk on Social MediaCheck these for daily updates, pics and more along the way.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLongWalkSATwitter: @PharSideUKHashtag for Facebook and Twitter use: #TheLongWalkAlso listen to Ballz Radio everyday from 3pm - 6pm (SA Time) for interviews and coverage of the journeyTrack the Long Walk LIVE in Realtime:You may track the journey live in real time via my profile on Runkeeper which broadcasts my position live while I'm walking.Want to join Marky for a few kilometres?I've had a number of people ask if they could join me for a few kilometres along the way...well let me tell you a little secret, my aim with most things that I do is to inspire others to get involved and do good things for other people, to make the world a better place even if it just brings a smile to a persons face. It would be great to have people joining in for a few kilometres and becoming a part of this awesome initiative, so I extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to walk a few kilometres with me, however this is done so at your own risk and you will need to walk responsibly to adhere to road safety as well as provide you own transport.(I would ask that there are no walkers on the afternoon of Friday 25 July and the morning of Saturday 26 July as these are very high risk sections of road that I would not want anyone but myself walking along the road during these sections). So pull in and come do 5km or 10km with me and you will be a part of something awesome! So check the map and metrics above for when I will be in your area, follow me live via Runkeeper so that you can tie up with me on the day. If you know someone with/had MND,then definitely come walk a few kilometres and we'll tweet some details of yourself and who you are doing it for, I'm sure it will certainly make that person extremely proud of what you have done for them! Not a requirement, but if you want to, you could even sign up as an activist on GivenGain and very easily create your own donation page to raise funds for the Long Walk project while you walk with info on who you are doing it for etc.

You may support The Long Walk for the J9 Foundation and MND Awareness via our donation page here

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