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Walk With The J9 Foundation For MND Awareness This Mandela Day

Here's a great way to dedicate your 67 mins this Nelson Mandela Day by walking with Marky Warren and the J9 Foundation for MND Awareness on Day 1 of the Long Walk from Joburg to Durban... and a chance to meet a very special guest...read on to find out who that is 🙂

You may remember last year's Nelson Mandela Day, where I organised the Long Walk Home To Freedom to give South Africans based in London the opportunity to dedicate their 67 mins for Nelson Mandela and the greater good... which amazingly enough landed us at Number 26 of Times Live's 67 Moments for Madiba (which was a great honour given the amount of absolutely incredible things people were doing for others around the world on a greater scale that day, thanks guys!).So this year I decided that since I would be doing my own 624km Long Walk from Johannesburg to Durban for the J9 Foundation and MND Awareness, what better day would there be than to start it on a day of the year that is entirely dedicated to positivity by performing selfless acts of kindness for people, Nelson Mandela Day, Friday 18th July 2014. It also just so happens that the Long Walk will be 18 days long, and my own small personal respectful dedication for Madiba, is to dedicate 18 very testing days for the 18 very testing years he spent in his cell on Robben Island.This Friday you also have a great opportunity to get in on all the awesomeness by supporting or joining us on a 24km walk for the J9 Foundation and MND Awareness (you don't have to do the entire 24km if you don't want to, but at least complete 67mins which is around 6km). So on Friday after 12pm, myself, the J9 Foundation team and others will be leaving from the Ballz Radio Studio following a media press conference and walking towards Rhapsody's in Centurion. The complete route we will be walking can be found here, so pull in and join us along the way, we aim to arrive at Rhapsody's in Centurion between 4pm-5pm where we will having a few drinks etc and celebrate a great afternoon for MND Awareness along with our special guest... 🙂If you haven't guessed yet... Joost Van Der Westhuizen will be present at the start at Ballz Radio and also be supporting us along the way, unfortunately the terrain may not be "Motorised Wheelchair friendly" however there are small places that we have noted during a recon of the route, where he may be able to join us and actually charge along with us which will really be quite an experience for Joost aswell as all that are walking with him.JoostPharSideCapSo come down and dedicate the time creating a wave of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Awareness in support of the J9 Foundation which was founded by Joost.Just some important information for those who will be joining us along the way. Please adhere to road safety at all times, you walk at your own risk so please be responsible and safety aware at all times, please also wear bright clothing or high viz gear so that you can be easily seen. ER24 have been very kind to send a vehicle for the journey along with two paramedics to help out if anyone gets a cramp, sprained ankle etc. Aqua Vita Mineral Water have also been very kind in providing water to keep us hydrated along the way.Info you will need if you would like to walk: Route Map (Google Maps) You may also follow me in real-time to see where we are so that you can meet us along the route by following me via my Runkeeper profile which broadcasts live while we are walking.Feel free to tweet or post on Facebook and add a link to the Long Walk donation page to help raise funds for the cause, http://www.pharside.co.uk/donateAlso tweet or post this pic to help generate support for the day so that your friends may also support you along the wayMandela Day 2014 The Long WalkWith your help we can make Friday a massive success for MND Awareness, challenge yourself, do it, make a stand against Motor Neurone Disease.. And you will feel a sense of pride for what you achieved for those who are not able to!Remember... "It always seems impossible... until it is done" 🙂

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