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Toto – Africa… Like You’ve Never Heard It Before…Mind Blown! [video]

Very fitting for the much-welcomed rain across parts of …prepare to be completely blown away by this very different version of

This will blow your mind! 🙂

GOOSEBUMPS! Absolutely remarkable!

The is performed by Angel City Chorale

A little about them (according to their website):

Angel City Chorale (ACC) reflects the spirit and diversity of Los Angeles in its membership, its , and its outreach activities.   Equally committed to good and good deeds, ACC is dedicated to “Building Community One Song at a Time.”  Renowned Artistic Director Sue Fink founded Angel City Chorale at the world-famous McCabe’s Guitar Shop in 1993 with 18 singers; ACC has now grown to over 160 talented and dedicated singers who are admitted by audition.  ACC presents a broad and eclectic repertoire at exuberant, standing-room-only concerts.  The group’s mastery of a wide range of musical genres – including classical, gospel, jazz, pop and world music – has become its hallmark.

According to a comment posted by them on Youtube,

We’ve been fans of Perpetuum Jazzile for some time, and love their version of Africa! We were inspired to do the song with our arrangement including instruments and a full choir. We were also inspired by the many versions of Eric Whitacre’s Cloudburst, in which various groups use similar weather effects. Those who haven’t seen them yet, please check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/perpetuumjazzile and https://www.youtube.com/user/ericwhitacre.



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